Propane is an industry that takes you places

Mid-States Propane Careers

Propane has been a vital source of energy in America for many years. Propane is a clean and versatile source of energy that can power homes, vehicles and buses and even lawn mowers, along with a variety of other applications. Propane delivers performance and efficiency and the demand for the clean energy source is growing. Be part of a team in this exciting industry and grow professionally while receiving benefits such as competitive wages, medical insurance and more.

Propane Worker Filling a Tank

Propane Employment Opportunities

Consider a career in the propane industry if you enjoy being part of a team and receiving resources to help you succeed, including paid training, room for advancement and mentorship. Whether it is as a transport driver, delivery driver, service technician, customer service representative or other position, there is a career for everyone.

The propane industry continues to grow, creating job opportunities for individuals who are driven, motivated and looking for their next career move. With so many opportunities, there is a career in propane for you.